For several years now the focus of this branch has been the production of detailed instructional posters.

Written either in English, or German, or Italian. French and Spanish editions are available on request. By mid-2020, 18 editions on 16 varied subjects have been published. These posters are unique in that they are written after careful research and provide quite thorough, solid introduction to a large variety of important subjects in an easy way; composers and their works, performing artists, countries and styles, history.

Graphic design, images, colorful, compact, clear. They are designed for students and teachers alike, for home and any type or level of music school (where classical guitar is taught).

Almost all the posters are exhibited in the premises of the Gitarre-Lernstudio Bajo in Klagenfurt, if you want to drop in.

If you happen to travel to/in Austria or north-eastern Italy, come and visit MICHELE BAJO GUITAR BOOKS & SERVICES and the Guitar Studio, the POSTER PLACE, in Klagenfurt.  

Big educational / textposter selection on display!
22 carefully authored, graphic-designed posters on 18 important, varied classical guitar subjects to choose from.
1-2 new issues yearly. English, German, Italian, French. Some editions are discounted.
Learn and/or teach in an appealing, easy way. Let the posters also help you introduce the guitar, its music, its composers and history to your audience.
Klagenfurt is located about 35 min. from Italy (Tarvisio) and two hours from Salzburg (or Walserberg border), if you use the Autobahn (toll highway).





Catalog of MBGB&S  (all products)

Diaz, Alirio  (release April or May 2021)

Giuliani – English

Giuliani – German

Giuliani – Italian

Performing Artists  (after Segovia – as of 2017)




Tango Nuevo

Technique of the free stroke – German
   (not for sale – displayed in the gtr. studio)

Venezuelan Folk & Guitar Music


Two posters are not avalaible as of December 2020/early 2021, because the permission to use a photograph / photographs has not been granted yet, sorry.

All posters in English except where another language is listed.

MBGB&S has a large stock of posters in different sizes, some are now (late 2020) discounted, just inquire.