The following articles authored by Michele Bajo have been published so far (April 2021):

All are written in Italian – a translation into English, German, French can be made anytime upon request.

  • Lucio Dosso – Obituary

  • Julio Sagreras The First Guitar Lessons A general analysis of the historic and social context of its genesis – Comparison with the development of the education from 1980 to now

  • Mauro Giuliani’s Ländler for two guitars –
    The possible and presumable reasons for the large output

  • Fernando Sor – The London, Moscow and Paris periods
    The correlations between private life and composing
    A partial biography

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Lucio Dosso
Un ricordo


Julio Salvador Sagreras
Le prime Lezioni di Chitarra


Mauro Giuliani
e i Ländler per due chitarre
Il periodo dopo Vienna


Los Caujaritos
visto da vicino

di Stefano Cattoni

NUOVA EDIZIONE ampliata e revisionata

Fernando Sor
I periodi di Mosca e Parigi
1823–1827, 1827-1837


Fernando Sor
The Moscow period



In early or mid-January 2024 the new enlarged and re-edited Italian edition of the essay “Fernando Sor – Il periodo di Mosca 1823-1827” will be uploaded.