Mag. Michele Bajo
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Michele Bajo


After approximately six years (early 1982 – end of 1987) of teaching languages and guitar next to his study in Vienna, Michele Bajo started his professional activities in Klagenfurt, Austria, in early 1988. He had taken a master’s degree in translating at the University of Vienna in April 1987. In Summer 1990, after two semesters at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music as a “special student”, he settled for good in Klagenfurt. This was the hometown of his mother and (Austrian) grandparents (as well as his great-grandfather). He was already very familiar with it from spending his vacations there yearly, from earliest childhood. (The actual final decision to live there was taken in 1995.)

After the first seven years (1990-1997), in which he did intense language course teaching (Italian) (and after 11 years of semi-professional skydiving), translating and interpreting for justice institutions and police soon became the “final” focus of his main profession as translator-interpreter.

Nevertheless, he always kept teaching guitar in his own studio, continuing his own education as classical guitarist and giving concerts (i.e. recitals). As a matter of fact, Michele Bajo is one of just two classical guitarists who live in Carinthia (one of Austria’s nine states) and perform regularly, even though for obvious reasons the number of his recitals per year is very small.

Both areas (translating/interpreting and guitar) were and are constantly improved, in many different ways.

Michele Bajo’s hobbies and interests:

  • skydiving (and writing about it)
  • art history (Italian renaissance and baroque mainly; Otto Greiner)
  • Italian motion pictures 1945-1985
  • Rome (the city in general)
  • Vittorio Sgarbi (since he showed up in the early 90’s)
  • work